The other day, I had opportunity to work through my calendar for the remainder of the year. I was attempting to find those windows of opportunity between church events and other engagements already on my calendar. I was desperately looking for that FUN window to place the family vacation. ¬†Once placed – that vacation blinks a bright happy light that ends up being the “I can’t wait until” event that I long for. In fact, if you’re like our family, at some point we begin a countdown. That countdown ticks off everyday towards a moment when we can unwind, unpack, and God can unveil His plan for us in a stress free and “perfect” world.

Right? Are you like me?
Well…in truth, we are simply wishing away all our today’s in hopes for a better tomorrow. ¬†We are investing our minutes in a tomorrow that may or may not arrive. ¬†And when it does, be assured it will not look in present as it does in the future.

James gives us a wake up call:
“Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

Even though it is prudent to plan – we should never postpone our today!
Never!  Only God can command time, and only He can assure our tomorrows will arrive.

So…what do we do? ¬†Savor today…squeeze every ounce of moments made miraculous when seen through the eyes of the Spirit. Don’t wait for tomorrow to invest in those you love. ¬†Give today a fair shot! ¬†Whether it’s at work, school, or the most dysfunctional place on earth.
Find joy for the journey…and commit to live…before the mist vanishes!

Paul says in Philippians 4:4 – “ALWAYS be glad because of the Lord!¬† I will say it again: BE GLAD”! (exclamation made is mine).

The dictionary defines glad or gladness as: feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased; glad about the good news.  Characterized by showing cheerfulness, joy or pleasure, as looks or utterances (words/expressions).

I’ve noticed recently that so many of the those who claim to follow our Lord Jesus would be characterized better by some of these terms: gloom, doom, dreary, depressed, grave, sad.¬† And some would better be defined as angry, mad and caustic.¬† Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our joy.

The command in Philippians 4 is not a suggestion.¬† Instead it’s a statement of purpose, presupposing that you understand “who” you are…”who” He is and “where” you’re headed.¬† It’s built upon the fact that we worship a sovereign God who is ultimately IN CHARGE!¬† Paul is assuming that you understand that your joy is not tied to temporary treasures of this material world…but instead in the citizenship of an eternal place of glory!

Allow me to remind you of this command!¬† Not a suggestion…not a hope.¬† It’s a “DO THIS NOW” statement…almost like a “DON’T MAKE ME SAY THIS AGAIN” type reprimand that I’ve often announced to the munchkins in the back seat.

We live in a post Christian nation.¬† We stand up and shout “be like us”, and the world shouts back “why should I”? Can we blame them? With gloom and doom on our faces…who would ever want to be like us?

Instead…find that missing gladness again.¬† Rejoice…sing…be joyful!¬† He is victorious…and coming again to get you!¬† He is with you now and has never left you.
Shout…stomp your feet and proclaim His goodness from the top of your lungs.
You’ll find it’s contagious…and will change your surroundings.¬† It’ll give you a spring in your step and tell the world that you have some insiders scoop!
Those around you will want it and find their way to Jesus because of it.  And that my friend is the ONLY answer for this sinful world!

Sing the songs of Zion – cause the King is COMING and with Him will be His reward!