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Welcome to a site designed to create thought and provoke an evaluation of that which we have come to accept as true.  With God’s Word as the ultimate vehicle of truth, He has also given us logic and critical thinking to process how we do life, ministry and community.  With this in mind, we are long overdue for the voices of those who would challenge our behavior and accepted norms to take their place and challenge or encourage us towards deeper truths.  Let’s dig deeper, go deeper and restore the faith of our fathers and early church Fathers.

Holy Week Feature

Thoughts for the Journey

Final Words of Jesus from Jeff Lawrence
Spiritual Life

Final Words

Holy Week! When we take time to reflect on the events heralded in the Gospels, the profound impact of the week brings many things into

When God Whispers Your Name Jeff Lawrence
Spiritual Life

When God Whispers Your Name

When God whispers your name. There are times when I feel overwhelmed!
 And today is one of those days. In fact, when I think about

Being Kind by Jeff Lawrence
Spiritual Life

Being Kind

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one. another, as God in Christ forgave you.”  Ephesians 4:32 In a world often marred by division and

jeffglawrence living in an Upside Down World
Spiritual Life

Living in an Upside Down World

Depending on your age and experience, you may occasionally glance at the news, read the headlines, watch the latest updates and wonder – “what in

Jeff Lawrence and father Gaines Lawrence

My Dad…A Life Well Lived

My Dad…a life well lived. How do you capture a snapshot of a life well lived? Where do we find the words to explain that

My Worship Leader is a Performer

My Worship Leader is a Performer!

Recently I got a call from a worship pastor friend who was befuddled and discouraged. He was deeply hurt.  He had received a hand-written anonymous

Spiritual Life

4 Marks of True Thanksgiving

Recently I watched a video of a man held captive for years, set free and returned home.  When he got off the plane he fell

Spiritual Life

The Fire that destroys the Soul

These past two weeks have been interesting at our house.  As I have shared with you, the sudden onslaught of a kidney stone during the

Finding God's Will
Spiritual Life

When you think God is sleeping

The devastation from Hurricane Michael is a reminder of just how quickly a storm can turn our world upside down.  The worst of nature can

Jeff Lawrence

About Jeff

Jeff comes to the table with decades of experience serving in the local church.  As a Worship Pastor & Executive Pastor, he has guided churches through seasons of growth as well as seasons of intense conflict.  Today Jeff is committed to training and equipping the next generation to thrive in a postmodern culture. With a solid academic background Jeff is fostering a new conversation in Christian Schools, Universities and Churches.  As a theologian and apologist, Jeff believes it’s time to reckon with the past, challenge the present, and pave a new pathway forward.  As Jesus-followers, we have too often abandoned the biblical for the popular, built foundations on personalities and re-imaged God to fit our needs.  Jeff is called to sound the alarm and to gently call us back to the foundations of our faith.