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Going Deeper


Thoughts for the Journey

Finding God's Will

Doing the Right Thing!

We’re often faced with hard choices and decisions.  It’s in these times we find out what we’re really made of.  And, to some degree, we

My Dad…A Life Well Lived

How do you capture a snapshot of a life well lived? Where do we find the words to explain that which is beyond description. In


My Worship Leader is a Performer!

Recently I got a call from a worship pastor friend who was befuddled and discouraged. He was deeply hurt.  He had received a hand-written anonymous


4 Marks of True Thanksgiving

Recently I watched a video of a man held captive for years, set free and returned home.  When he got off the plane he fell


The Fire that destroys the Soul

These past two weeks have been interesting at our house.  As I have shared with you, the sudden onslaught of a kidney stone during the

Finding God's Will
Current Events

When you think God is sleeping

The devastation from Hurricane Michael is a reminder of just how quickly a storm can turn our world upside down.  The worst of nature can

Current Events

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Routine often dulls us to the majestic and beautiful.  That which we see and enjoy on a daily basis succumbs to the certainty that it/he/she

6 Ways We Practice Idolatry in Worship

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become a little worn by the constant blogs and articles on every possible worship subject under the sun. 

Speaking & Teaching

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Jeff Lawrence

About Jeff

Jeff comes to the table with decades of experience serving in the local church.  As a Worship Pastor & Executive Pastor, he has guided churches through seasons of growth as well as seasons of intense conflict.  Now, in a new season, Jeff is dedicated to walking with churches and staff to guide them towards biblical leadership.  And, with a heart for those who’ve been hurt or broken by church leadership, he’ll gently foster healing and grace to begin again.