Jeff Lawrence

My hero

Over the past week, I’ve been with my Dad.  Soon to celebrate 80 years, and fresh from open heart surgery.  There are many thoughts running through my mind…but allow me to share some lessons learned:
Cherish the present – don’t take it for granted.
Honor the past – learn from it.
Embrace the future – allow change to the be the incubus of growth.

As I’ve sat with Dad – I’ve journeyed back to the many fishing trips, ball
games, road trips, camping excursions that we shared.  Times when he seemed
so big and tall…

Dad never traded his kids for the fame & fortune of this world.  His
treasure was found in those he loved not things he could buy or honors he
could achieve.  Gentleness, kindness, patience and love were the language of
our household – and because of him…still is!

Times like this – now remind me that we were never made for this world.  So
I’m choosing to hold to the hope that this pain is only an investment in
that world beyond our sight and senses…the domain of the living God.

And so – my dad is still pretty tall…in fact he’s a giant!  A hero to me.
Remembering yesterday I see it’s made me who I am.  Cherishing today thrusts
me into a deep gratitude for what I have.  Knowing all along – it’s only a
moment until we’ll be worshiping at the feet of Jesus!

Praising God who makes all things new!



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