Jeff Lawrence


Jeff Lawrence and father Gaines Lawrence

My Dad…A Life Well Lived

My Dad…a life well lived. How do you capture a snapshot of a life well lived? Where do we find the words to explain that


Control Freaks

A couple of weeks ago I put an amazing article of technology on Jake’s jeep.  To his great dismay, wailing and gnashing of teeth –

Change that Hurts!

Statistics tell us we’re losing the battle.  The hard truth is this: a generation of teens and twenty-somethings who’ve grown up in the church are


Stop this weekend to give thanks for our freedom. Pause and remember the few who’ve sacrificed for the many.  In the midst of your celebrations,

My hero

Over the past week, I’ve been with my Dad.  Soon to celebrate 80 years, and fresh from open heart surgery.  There are many thoughts running