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Final Words

Holy Week!

When we take time to reflect on the events heralded in the Gospels, the profound impact of the week brings many things into focus.  Clarity in simplicity.  Things we have taken for granted, talked about, learned about, and sung about, now move a little closer.  Become clearer.  A bright light dispelling the darkness.

With the end near, Jesus enters His last week focused.  Final words.  Powerful words. Parables that offer a veiled glimpse of the kingdom.  The parable of the vine, the wedding feast, the talents, and the widow’s mite. The parable of the sheep and goats.  Warnings.  Caution.

Meanwhile, plots!  Plans within plans.  Evil on the move.  Setting a snare.  Slithering.  Having the appearance of righteousness yet denying its power.  The religious leaders.  On the hunt.  Crafty.  Whispers under the cover of darkness.  Upper hand.  Winning.

Jesus!  Setting a table.  Serving.  “This is my body, this is my blood”.  The old becomes new.  “Take and eat – drink”.  “Remember me”.  “Go and do what you must do”.

Final words. 

“I must go – but another is coming”.  “I go to prepare a place”. “My Father’s House has many rooms”. “I will come back for you”.

“Love one another”.


“Father – may this cup pass”. 

Blood sweat. 

“Not my will but yours”. 


Betrayal.  Denial.  But He is Innocent.

Plan unfolds.  trapped.  Are you the Son of God?

“I AM”

Guilty!  Crucify Him!

Beaten.  Scourged.  Spit upon and ridiculed.  Crown of thorns.  Blood spilled.  Holy blood. Sacred blood.  Eternal blood.

Cross.  Nails.  Hammering. King of the Jews. Crowds taunting. Save yourself.  Come down.  Evil winning.

Jesus.  Compassion.  Empathy.  Love. 

“Father, forgive them”.

Darkness. Void.  Holy Blood.  Spilled.

Jesus.  Final Words.

  “It is Finished”.

Death.  Ultimate. Finished. Defeat.

Rumbling.  Earthquake. Creation weeps. Evil has won.

Silence.  Fear.  Denial. Grief.  Shock.

God. Mercy Seat. Blood. Holy Blood. Sacred Blood.

Temple. Holy of Holies. Veil. Rips.

Paid in full. Forgiven. Redeemed.

Heaven. Holy Hush. Wonder. Glory.

3 days. Stirring. Rustling. Creation. Moaning.

Evil. Uncertain. Uneasy. Dread. fooled.

Evil. fail. Loosing. Lost. Retreat.

Warmth. Light. Glow. Holy. Presence. The Father. Speaks.


Inhale. Exhale. Life. Heartbeat. Alive!

Eternal. Uncreated. Alpha & Omega.

The Lion of Judah. Awakes!  The King. My King.

Jesus. Resurrected. Glorious. Victorious.

Evil. Death. Defeated. Forever.

Sins atoned. Eternally.

Jesus. New body. Full authority. Keys. Glorious.

Lamb of God. Slain. Alive. Triumphant.

Final Words.

“Go”.  “All the World”. “Baptize”. “Disciples”.

“Never Forget”.  “I Am with you”.  “Always”.

“Till the End”

Today. Darkness. Hopelessness. Brokenness.

Church. Distracted. Adrift. Conflict. Leaderless. Asleep.

Evil. Plans. Whispers. Conjuring. Winning.

Creation moans. Yearns. Return.

Resurrection. Forgotten. But Power. Still.

Evil. Finished.  Death. Defeated. Jesus King.

The redeemed gather. Unity. One Voice.

Proclaim. Sing

On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand!

All other Ground is Sinking Sand!

No guilt in Life. No Fear in Death.

This is the Power of Christ in Me.

From Life’s First Cry.  To Final Breath.

Jesus Commands My Destiny.

No Power of Hell.  No Scheme of Man.

Can Ever Pluck Me From His Hand.

Till He Returns. Or Calls Me Home.

Here in the Power of Christ.


Jeff Lawrence

All too often we forget the redemptive work of Jesus.  The power of the cross lies dormant in our lives.  The victory of the resurrection is traded in for our wants and hopes centered on this world.  Yet there’s so much more.  A greater kingdom is before us and the power of the Spirit promised to guide and give wisdom.  The Church – all too often asleep or pursuing things Jesus never wanted for us.  Maybe it’s time we stop playing games at the foot of the cross and take a stand – in the power of our resurrected King!

Jeff Lawrence

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“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”
G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World



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