Jeff Lawrence


Finding God's Will

Doing the Right Thing!

We’re often faced with hard choices and decisions.  It’s in these times we find out what we’re really made of.  And, to some degree, we


4 Marks of True Thanksgiving

Recently I watched a video of a man held captive for years, set free and returned home.  When he got off the plane he fell

Finding God's Will
Current Events

When you think God is sleeping

The devastation from Hurricane Michael is a reminder of just how quickly a storm can turn our world upside down.  The worst of nature can

Current Events

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Routine often dulls us to the majestic and beautiful.  That which we see and enjoy on a daily basis succumbs to the certainty that it/he/she

What in the world is going on?

In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s as war was breaking out in Europe, there were many American’s who desired to remain neutral.  Although concerned

Rethinking Christmas

It’s easy for us to enter the Christmas season and go on autopilot.  The holiday season is so driven by traditions (which are not a


Worship – Saying the Hard Things

Over the past year I’ve had a growing chorus of conversations with worship pastors, senior pastors, church staff and lay leaders regarding a troubling trend


Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Have you ever felt like just one more thing would send you over the cliff…put you in a tail-spin, drive

Being One

Recently, I had a chance to speak with a person seeking faith…yet troubled by a common ailment: “if Christianity is what THOSE people practice…then I

So, what are you saying…

Words are a powerful tool.  Words can bring peace and launch wars. Words can soothe the soul or stir formidable conflict. Words once spoken are