Jeff Lawrence

Jeff Lawrence

What in the world is going on?

In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s as war was breaking out in Europe, there were many American’s who desired to remain neutral.  Although concerned

Prophets and Storm Chasers

Recently I’ve been watching the mega snow catastrophe in Atlanta.  No one saw it coming.  No one that is, except the National Weather Service, which

Rethinking Christmas

It’s easy for us to enter the Christmas season and go on autopilot.  The holiday season is so driven by traditions (which are not a

Rethinking Worship

As the parent of a savvy brand new teenager – I have come, quite by accident, to the knowledge that my understanding of words is

Never Alone

Suppose you were to sit back and recall your most meaningful worship experiences.  Where would it be?  With whom would it be?  How did it

Worship – The Private made Public

Several years ago, while on a trip out west, Lisa and I visited a church well known for their worship.  We went with anticipation of

Change that Hurts!

Statistics tell us we’re losing the battle.  The hard truth is this: a generation of teens and twenty-somethings who’ve grown up in the church are

The God of Angel Armies

Fear can cripple.  Fear can immobilize.  Fear can destroy. Fear can rob you of the life you were intended to live and blind you from

The Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus, or “Great Work” is a tag bestowed upon the crowning glory of a composer’s work! It’s the crescendo or highest achievement of an

A Great Gift

This past Sunday as I was headed off the platform, I was stopped by a “saint”. Eighty-four years young, she radiates life and has a


Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Have you ever felt like just one more thing would send you over the cliff…put you in a tail-spin, drive

Being One

Recently, I had a chance to speak with a person seeking faith…yet troubled by a common ailment: “if Christianity is what THOSE people practice…then I

So, what are you saying…

Words are a powerful tool.  Words can bring peace and launch wars. Words can soothe the soul or stir formidable conflict. Words once spoken are

The Unseen

I must make a confession.  It’s not easy to face the truth – but I need to tell you: I’m a closet science geek.  Ever

Wishing for Tomorrow…

The other day, I had opportunity to work through my calendar for the remainder of the year. I was attempting to find those windows of

Good dirt

When asked what I miss most about Florida, it’s an easy answer: “dirt” I say. That’s right…just plain ole dirt…the easy to dig in, plant

Do it Now!

Paul says in Philippians 4:4 – “ALWAYS be glad because of the Lord!  I will say it again: BE GLAD”! (exclamation made is mine). The