Jeff Lawrence

When God Whispers Your Name

When God Whispers Your Name Jeff Lawrence

When God whispers your name.

There are times when I feel overwhelmed!
 And today is one of those days. In fact, when I think about it, being overwhelmed is the way I live.  That is when I think about it.
 The problem is, I don’t think about it much. I just accept it as a part of life. Yet amid this mire, I can’t help feeling that someone, somewhere is trying to reach me.

I go for a morning jog and process the needs of the day. What goals should I set for today?
 What calls do I need to return?
 To what letters do I need to respond?
 Email…oh boy! A sweat breaks out, my heart sinks, cause there’s no way I can get to all those.

A glimpse at the morning news brings more. I’m used to it, so I overlook the thousands of ads ingeniously mastered by creative marketing teams from New York to L.A. – with me in mind no less.
 You need this…you need that.
 Massive clearance – you can’t afford to miss this!
  Zero percent financing for a limited time.
 Come now…don’t miss out.

The morning commute brings cries for attention!
 The radio blasts news…stay tuned…weather, and traffic. latest gossip…
More ads…more invitations to come and dine at the table of want.

Someone somewhere is trying to reach me.

I sit in the stillness of a quiet early morning office. I know it won’t last long
. Phone rings…they’ve found me! 
Cell phone chirps an incoming text…email sounds the arrival of another message adding to the pile.
 Again a text arrives: “Where are you?”

Sound familiar? Has your life’s extreme demands and pace got you looking for an escape? Has your daily schedule bound you hostage to the lifestyle of urgency? Are you weary? Have you attained so much only to find yourself needing more?
 Finding this world a little LOUD? 
Is it clamoring, begging, barking for your attention?

Well, do I have news for you.
 Someone somewhere is trying to reach you. 
That’s right. 
From the moment your day began God has been whispering your name.
  Gently, quietly, lovingly.  Like a Father whispers his blessing in the ear of his newborn, God has been seeking you out.

He’s calling even now.
  And He’s offering you something.
  Something far greater than all this world can afford. Something more wonderful than you can imagine.  Farther, higher, greater.

He offers – Himself.

The One who is uncreated, untethered by time, unequaled, and unparalleled – has chosen to conceal His treasure within temporal jars of clay. The Creator God (Elohim) saved His most mysterious act for an unsuspicious moment that echoes still.
 Reach up and place your hand on the heart that pounds life within your chest. Take a deep breath and ponder the possibility that right there, in the hidden depths of your physical being is housed a treasure so priceless, so precious to ignite a war between heaven and hell for its redemption.

God has hidden Himself in you…so that you can be hidden in Him. 
A tiny spark lies dormant within the depths of your soul. It longs to be awakened and to explore. To live. To reach, to touch the face of God.

That’s right!
 The funny thing is…you won’t have to reach far.
 He’s right here.
 But the journey will be far-reaching.

It begins now…should you choose. God is speaking in many ways easily accessible to me and you. The problem is…we’re not listening. The lives we’ve chosen have ambushed our ability to see and hear our creator. Our schedules have secluded Him and our choices have made him irrelevant.
 His voice doesn’t compete with the thunderous roar of the urgent – the now.

He planned it that way!

Feeling overwhelmed? Are things a little loud? I’ve got news for you.

God is whispering your name.

Jeff Lawrence

As a Pastor, I have counseled many people looking for direction, for hope and for a quick pathway to discovering God’s will for their lives.  It’s the American way.  Yet, we have been profoundly blinded to the presence of God in our lives.  Our ears have become tuned to the other voices and we have compartmentalized God.  Yet all along – he’s been seeking you out!  I hope and pray this post will encourage you to choose the path less traveled!  For God is whispering your name.

Jeff Lawrence

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