Jeff Lawrence

A Great Gift

This past Sunday as I was headed off the platform, I was stopped by a “saint”. Eighty-four years young, she radiates life and has a spark in her eye. As she looked me square in the eyes and squeezed my hand, she imparted to me a great gift. She’s a widow and not that I know her story…but it has to be one amazing journey. The years have imparted her with a profound joy and gratitude for even the little, overlooked simple things of life. I know full well that the valleys of this life have offered her a reason to look inward and become bitter. I know she’s had her challenges and choices. I can’t help but wonder…if I could just glimpse back 50 years what I would see? I wonder.

For you see, I have been given a great gift. This sojourner from another time distant from mine, has imparted something very special to me. A reminder of sorts…and challenge:  “My life has been full…and Jesus has given me everything I need. And you, Jeff…are a gifted man. Love deeply those He’s given you, embrace this moment and hold it tight. The Lord is with you!”

And as if the Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and said “listen carefully…you won’t want to miss this”…I felt the gift deep in my soul. The zeal of her message, the touch of her hand, the warmth in her smile and the joy in her countenance assured me of what I sensed so deeply. This saint walks with God!

And a reminder for me and you: “His name shall be called Immanuel, our God is with us”. May His words find their way, whether through the voice of a saint or the whisper on the wind. He is close…so close!



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